New Facebook Support Group for My Hearing Loss Story!

Hello there!

This forum is no longer very active.

If you have hearing loss and would like to share your story, ask questions related to your hearing loss, or offer support and advice to others living with similar challenges, please feel free to join the ‘My Hearing Loss Story’ Facebook support group via the following link:

This group is a private group which means that only members can view the posts and interact within the group.

I look forward to seeing you there!
Best wishes,

Hello I was diagnosed with probable menieres and…

Hello, I was diagnosed with probable menieres and migraine associated vertigo last year and its turned my world upside down. Working in a school with little children was way too noisy and the environment wasn’t safe for me or the children so I left and I’ve been struggling ever since. I’m not able to take medication apart from antidepressants and have had the steroid injection into my left ear but this made my symptoms worse not better so ENT have discharged me saying I have exhausted their resources and there is nothing more to do for me. I have a supportive GP but as he doesn’t have experience of this he is unable to help apart from with the anxiety and depression. I am looking for part time work at the moment but not sure what that will be as the hyperacusis causes me a lot of distress along with my balance. Onwards and upwards with a positive mental attitude – we are still human and we can still achieve great things.

Love to all, Julie x

Hello to all who will be joining in…

Hello to all who will be joining in on this forum. I, like Carly, have a severe sudden hearing loss, and it came over the span of two days over 18 years ago. I’ll post more later on my experiences in the first time period after the loss, as well as those over the time since.


Dear followers of my blog…

Dear followers of my blog and anybody else who has stumbled across this page. Since starting my blog about my sudden hearing loss (, I have had many people contact me with their own experiences of hearing loss. Everyone who contacts me has their own story to tell, and I thought it would be nice to provide a space for all my contacts to share their stories and experiences of hearing loss, and also to connect with each other. I hope this can be a space for people to support each other through whatever challenges they are facing regarding their hearing, and also a place to make friends. I’m looking forward to reading your stories.